To add datasets to a web page, add an iframe as follows:

<iframe src=', NAME2&zoomOut=false'></iframe>

Where LAT, LONG, and ZOOM, are the starting latitude, longitude, and zoom level of the map, respectively, and onlyShowDatasets is a comma-separated list of the unavco_names of datasets to display. Adding zoomOut=false prevents zooming out to zooms less than the one specified. All of these parameters are optional, and excluding onlyShowDatasets will display all available datasets in the database.


<iframe src=',COSMO-SKYMED_SM_5800_0000_20140809-20160408_0000_00000,TERRASAR-X_SL_119_0000_20150718-20170713_0000_00000,TERRASAR-X_SM_051_0000_20141114-20150509_0000_00000_Pichincha,ALOS_FB07_110_7170_20061223-20100818_0000_00000,TERRASAR-X_SM_051_0000_20120126-20130911_0000_00000_Pichincha,TERRASAR-X_SM_051_0000_20120126-20130911_0000_00000_SouthQuito,TERRASAR-X_SM_051_0000_20120126-20130911_0000_00000,TERRASAR-X_SM_051_0000_20160128-20170526_0000_00000_Pichincha,&zoomOut=false'></iframe>


<iframe src=',CSK_HIMAGE_091_0000_20130914-20170609_0000_00000,&zoomOut=false'></iframe>

To load a map with a pre-selected dataset, add "startDataset=UNAVCO_NAME" to the URL. UNAVCO_NAME represents the unique Unavco name given to the dataset, which can be found out using web services:

<iframe src=''></iframe>

This is how to obtain the points from every dataset at a latitude and longitude point via the webservices API:

Specifying &dataset specifies which dataset to search for a point in:

To search for multiple points within a bounding box in a dataset, along with a sampling factor, use: 3.5807975550005735,98.66392135620117 3.5776708456874085,98.66782665252686 3.577499518841305,98.66782665252686 3.5807118918739365,98.66392135620117 3.5807975550005735)&downsampleFactor=2

Third Party Seismicity Sources can also be loaded, using loadSeismicity and a comma separated list of any of these options: "USGS", "USGSEvents", "IGEPNEarthquake", "LinLongValleyReloc", "UNRVerticalMidas", "UNRHorizontalMidas", "UNRGPS":

<iframe src=''></iframe>